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Why join us?

As a registered participant in the RIN network you will have direct access to an exclusive group of colleagues who, like you as international mobility specialist, encounter the same challenges in your day to day work.

International Mobility is trendy and has an increasing interest from commercial parties, who see this as an attractive way to make money.There are several mobility networks in the market, who glady invite and use Corporate HR and C&B as a target for commerially interested parties, 

The difference with all other networks is that RIN is not accessible for other than in-house mobility staff and that meetings and events are not open to commercially interested parties. Shared information via the secured website remains within the network.

What can be more pleasant than to simplify your working life, by sharing your experiences and practical questions with people, who truly understand what you mean and will help you, without a direct commercial interest.

Why join?

RIN gives direct access to colleagues with the same business interests in your region and around the world. RIN provides you, at no cost, with a database of up-to-date practical information from experts in your profession. In short: RIN directly connects you with the world of International Mobility.

How to register?

If you are interested in participating in the RIN Madrid network you can sign-up right away.

Terms and conditions

Participation in the RIN network is exclusively reserved for employees of multinational companies and organizations, who are responsible for expatriate related matters.